Company Values

Commitment: In pursuit of meeting customers and other stakeholders’ expectations ACPL instills in staff and farmers the spirit of holding themselves accountable for their actions as they bid to exceed the set standards.

Openness: ACPL believes that transparency and accountability, communication coupled with innovation are key in meeting expectations of stakeholders.

Fairness: At ACPL, we believe that all men and women including the youth need to be given opportunities to improve or maintain their wellbeing. We employ approaches and methods that encourage the participation of all farmers and staff members, invest in capacity building to equip everyone with knowledge and skills to fully participate in processes, and above all promote active listening to and respecting everyone’s opinions.

Feedback: We acknowledge that providing timely responses and constant communication with suppliers (smallholder farmers) and customers is key in building long term business relationships.

Efficiency: ACPL believes that Professional attitude and being honest together with ensuring that people have what they need to perform” is key in meeting customers’ expectations. It also believes in developing a strong staff team, and supply side that are driven by their respective set key performance targets, but all aimed at feeding into the ACPL mission and vision. This is by encouraging self-growth and self-respect among the staff and partners, striving to improve their performance and performing in ways that make them proud.

Equality: In order to achieve dignity ACPL cultivates a culture of respect by promoting “treating everyone” (customer, staff, farmers and the earth ) the way you want to be treated, and dealt with the transparently.



Ankole Coffee Processors Limited Partnerships



ACPL has over the past two years been in partnership with Solidaridad in two key areas;

  • i. Promoting Domestic Coffee Consumption
  • ii. Certification of small holder farmers in Ibanda District.

Promotion of Domestic Coffee Consumption

  • - Promotion of domestic coffee consumption is being done through the use of a coffee mobile cart that has been to different parts of the country over the last two years.
  • - A second phase to this project is underway to have another similar cart on the road to reach more Ugandans. Under this phase the following has been done so far:
  • - A local fabricator has been identified and taken through the specifics of what is to be done. A formal quotation and design are expected by end of October and fabrication is to start thereafter.

Certification of Small Scale Farmers in Ibanda

  • - So far, a total of 1,075 Farmers in Ibanda have been contracted and are now ready to be audited and certified.
  • - Of this total, 35% are females and 13% are youths.
  • - All farmers have been grouped into groups of 25-30 farmers, trained in the key UTZ Standard aspects in preparation for the certification slated for November 19th 2015.


Challenges and Way Forward

ACPL lacked a project implementation officer when this second phase rolled out. This has however been addressed as an experienced officer was brought on board in June 2015. Most of the farmers are ageing and the coffee trees are old. ACPL is addressing this through;
  • - On-going partnership with UCDA to avail quality planting materials
  • - Identifying & supporting two other nurseries through trainings so all project farmers have access to planting materials.

Future Plans

ACPL would like to commit to this partnership with Solidaridad and to work with more farmers as well as develop the PDCC further. We however would like to consolidate the on-going efforts in both areas of the project this year and propose increment of the number of farmers certified every year as well as procure another coffee cart and station it in the project area.



The Sustainable Coffee Program, by IDH, is a global, pre-competitive public-private initiative where IDH has partnered with ACPL in a 2 year with the aim of increasing production, yields and export availability of sustainably grown coffee, enabling coffee producers to become more resilient in an ever-changing market.

The project area is the 3 districts of Ibanda, Kiruhura and Kamwenge.

We have a factory and field office located at Nyabuhikye 5 kilometers from Ibanda town in Ibanda District; and is currently working in partnership with small holder coffee Farmers and other value chain actors from the neighbouring Districts. Our coordinating office is located on Plot 6/8 Nyondo Close, Bugolobi Industrial Area , in Kampala.